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One of the main reasons why i have already been quite excited about jewellery since my childhood was a movie about a fairytale. I can't remember the title of the movie. The most impressive thing in the movie was the magician who could just, by turning her glittery ring , make a wish. Since this moment i was always longing for such a ring. A beautiful and „make-all-the-wishes-come-true“ ring.

A few weeks later my dream came true in a way. Out of a vending machine i got a golden diamond ring made out of plastic. Unfortunatly i gave this ring to a friend of mine called Tina P., who was longing for such a ring as well.

I have never forgotten about that beloved ring. Since today i am still thinking about owning this magical ring...Probably this is why i am making jewellery.


Leonore Jock

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