"Arts As Expression Of Diversity"-A trinational Filmproject,2015/16.
Filmboard Karlsruhe,Karlsruhe-Kulturamt,DPJW -Potsdam.

Dokumentarfilm & Werbung

"Art as Expression of Diversity"-A Filmdocumentary in 3 parts and 3 countries. East And Western Artists Unite Without Borders.

"Art as Expression of Diversity"-A Filmdocumentary in 3 parts and 3 countries.
East And Western Artists Unite Without Borders.

A trinational Filmproject,in cooperation with the
Filmboard Karlsruhe (D),Edith Stein -Haus Wroclaw (PL) and the ProEnglish Theater Kiew(UA),
funded by City Of Karlsruhe, Cultural Department,
and the Deutsch-Polnisches Jugendwerk -Potsdam(DPJW).
Project period: April 2015-April 2016.

About the project:
Some common thoughts on selfexpression:
Human language today not only includes written textes or
spoken words,but many varieties of nonverbal,
symbolic and metaphoric artistic expression .
Massconsumerism and advertisements have dominated
the field of Fine Arts.
Commercialism of the corporate world and government have
taken over the artistic freedom of artists with political correctness and slogans.
Average people have started to revolte against main stream
dictates of social conformity by creating their own artistic
Especially in Ukraine ,there s a new atmosfere of liberty and selfexpression.
With the fall of the last authocratic government, ukrainians have
been liberated to express their spontaneous feelings ,opinions ,demands and desires.
We will be featuring textes by writers as well as musical inserts, or even some little drama episodes,
conceived by trinational young people participating
in the project.
This all will be synchronized with an ensemble of all kinds of artistic expression like street art , environmental,spontaneous or classical art like painted portraits,
as arts originals,to be documented in the film itself.

Markus Nieden, project director, will be collaborating with interested Young people, willing to share any Kind of artistic expressions:
We will be supported by some filmmakers and -crews from Ukraine,Poland and Germany.
Furthermore,during some masterclasses, the participants will be introduced to the Basics of filmmaking by some
professional filmmakers of our german main partner: the "Filmboard Karlsruhe e.v."

Our Goal :
The main goal of our documentary is to be free from western or eastern bias and propaganda.
In order to collect narratives without a large Media Attitude .
Instead of looking at the misery of a beaten down country, as that might be tthe case of Ukraine,
we would rather express solidarity and understanding !

Project`s Outcome

The Movie itself, after being completed, will have its first premiere within the "Independent Days ,Festival for Independent Films,Karlsruhe 2016.

How can I support this project?
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