Faszination der kleinen Dinge

FOTOWORKSHOP am 15. April 2023 


Anmeldung bis 08.04.2023


MAKROFOTOGRAFIE - Faszination der kleinen Dinge

Die Makrofotografie beschäftigt sich damit, kleine Dinge groß darzustellen. Wir lernen eine andere Art des Sehens und tauchen ein in ein Universum an faszinierenden Motiven. 

In diesem Workshop zeige ich Ihnen die nötige Technik, aber besonders auch gestalterische Elemente, um daraus Ihre persönlichen Fotos zu machen, mit ihrer ganz eigenen Bildsprache.


Weitere Projekte dieses Profils

Neu eingestellte Projekte

  • Personal Brand Design & Claim for Jens Steege – Apotheker

    Personal brand design & claim for Jens Steege – pharmacist in analytics Designliebe created the personal brand for a pharmacist & specialist in analytics.
    This field requires a precise work process. We transformed the letter J of an elegant font standing for quality & tradition. By mirroring the new J we designed a minimalistic test tube as a job related symbolism. The claim describes his passion & the demanded precision for this job. „Living quality!“
  • Personal Brand Design & Claim – Luka Schwaninger (talented cook)

    NEW – Designliebe created the personal brand (corporate design) & claim for a young cook & talent of the hotel Maximilians *Michelin star awarded* gourmet restaurant in Augsburg. ➡️ The story behind the design: The hotel Maximilians with more than 500 years of tradition and hospitality is Augsburg’s most prized culinary highlights. Aligned with the surname of Lukas Schwaninger (Swan) we designed a pure & nature related logo and symbolism. ➡️ The idea behind the claim: He uses only local ingredients and wants to show that cooking is easy, healthy and fun! So the claim describes his passion and mission the best.
    „For a healthy kitchen!“
  • Branding für das Kindermode-Label Epic by Eve aus Holland

    Designliebe was part of the branding process for the young fashion brand Epic by Eve, a brand for kids & babies focusing on little illustrations of cute monsters and neon colors. Designliebe was responsible for the Corporate Identity and also for the social media and market strategy. ➡️ The story behind: The tricky part was to start with social media to gain visibility before the real website launch as the products and cloths havent been produced yet. So we thought to give life to the little monsters and included them in real life photos & stories how they explore the city and locations of Eve, having adventures and fun. ➡️ What makes the brand unique:
    With her neon designs & monsters Eve wants to bring back colors and positivity and state that little kids can be cool and crazy too! Review by Epic by Eve!
    When I started my brand I had difficulty organizing my thoughts about the branding and marketing. Aramis helpt me through this with clear tasks and good ideas and structure. Working with him was easygoing and professional. If your looking for help with your branding strategy I would recommend Aramis. Eva Vacondio Vargas – founder
    Epic by Eve Clothing
    Screenshot 2022-12-10 at 12-28-57 EPIC BY EVE (@epicbyeve) • Instagram-Fotos und -Videos
  • Künstlerische Landschaftsfotografie

    Ein Projekt von Astrid Hansen Fotografie
    Fotoexkursion | Künstlerische Landschaftsfotografie Termin:  2. Juni 2023 | Anmeldung bis 26.05.2023 Details